First Night of Course

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First Night of Course

I really enjoyed the first night of this course and it was lovely to meet other very enthusiastic participants. Looking forward to the next 4 nights.

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  1. Hannah Clarke says:

    I particularly found Fr Chris’s input useful & inspiring. Realistic suggestions for finding relevant ways of praying…. in addition to “left brain & words”. I’m very glad I opted to do this course. Thank you all.

  2. Leo Hogan says:

    Welcome Hannah and thanks for comment.

  3. Tricia Moloney says:

    Really enjoyed the start of this course, looking forward to the remaining classes.

  4. Tricia Moloney says:

    Thank you all for the very enjoyable first session of the course. Looking forward to the remaining sessions.

  5. Leo Hogan says:

    Thanks Tricia.

  6. Joanne Coleman says:

    Really enjoyed the first night of the course and the sharing of ideas in the Breakout Rooms. Just watched the Ted Talk “Every kids needs a champion” as recommended on the night. Inspiring.

  7. Conor Hayes says:

    The first evening of the course was very thought-provoking and inspiring. I am not a Religion teacher but involved in pastoral care and student support at my school, through the roles of guidance counsellor, wellbeing coordinator and programme coordinator. I feel, I have a lot to learn from others on this course and look forward to sharing also. The break out rooms are particularly useful for discussion and exchanging of ideas and resources among colleagues. I would particularly like to thank Fr Chris for his uplifting presentation and sharing effective methods, to incorporate prayer in our interactions with students and the school community, in a way that is real for them and will encourage them to engage. I look forward to the session next Tuesday.

  8. Danielle O'Neill says:

    I really enjoyed the start of the course, looking forward to the remaining classes. I found Fr.Chris to be brilliant and have great ideas. Thank you all for sharing.

  9. Derek Reid says:

    A most enjoyable and uplifting first session. Fr. Chris was a brilliant presenter with excellent ideas. It was also great to chat to colleagues from around the different ERST schools.

  10. Rachel Meehan says:

    Thanks very much for the first night. It was very interesting and lovely to share ideas or to even just talk to other teachers,especially as we go through these difficult times. Looking forward to week 2

  11. Anne O'Sullivan says:

    Looking forward to Week 2; Found the Ted talk extremely good, familiar with some of Ted Talks as I use in English

  12. Una Whelan says:

    I only arrived on Night 3 so missed the live presentations on Night 1 and Night 2.  I’m just going through Fr Chris’s powerpoint and loving the reflections on prayer and the Lenten cross – the poor woodwork teacher is going to get a little tap on the shoulder when we return to school!!

    I had forgotten all about the free powerpoint templates but just wanted to flag Canva as a brilliant desktop publishing / design tool.  It’s also free for teachers.  One of my colleagues pointed me towards it and I use it all the time and ask students to use it in their posters / presentations.  It also links to Google Classroom.

    The link for teachers is

    If anyone wants a quick run through feel free to get in touch – I’m no expert but happy to run through the basics.

  13. Leo Hogan says:

    Nice offer from Una on Canva – thank you.

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