Read the following answer which was submitted by a candidate for the position of Deputy Principal in a school.

What are the strong points and what needs attention?

What mark would you give it out of 25 marks?

5.3 Sample Answer 1

Last year while I was year head for third year students, I dealt with many incidents that required good relationships management and communication skills. I designed protocols for arrangements to meet parents so that parents understood clearly who they were to contact and the procedures for doing so. I drew up plans to promote the standard  of homework, I initiated a study-skills programme and I improved punctuality, particularly in returning to school after lunch-break. Punctuality had been a serious problem in the school and it wasn’t unusual to see students strolling back to school up to ten minutes after classes had started. I did all of this because of my belief that building up relationships and sustaining constructive communication skills are key to leadership an management of an effective school.

In relation to punctuality, I introduced a system whereby all students who arrived late after lunch were reported to me and I organised a detention system whereby such students had to report for detention after school. I consulted with all the staff concerned and they seemed happy with my proposal. Some of the staff agreed to lend assistance in supervising the detention period. In a relatively short time the results of the system were apparent as punctuality improved dramatically.

Now download the sample answer 2 above and perform a similar exercise.

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