Read the following:

A very upset teacher comes to see you. He tells you that he has reported a student to his yearhead for being constantly disruptive and badly behaved in class. The teacher feels that the yearhead has not taken the complaint seriously. He tells you that the student was let off without any sanction and has come back to class without even an apology.  The yearhead remarked to the teacher that he should be able to manage this issue within the class. The teacher feels undermined by the yearhead’s rebuke and lack of action and wants you to do something about it.

You know the yearhead has a very good relationship with all the students in the class and maintains order through respect, rapport and friendship.

How might you manage this conflict situation?

One thought on “Conflict”

  1. Firstly, I would imagine that the principal should show support to help make the teacher feel more comfortable and not feel undermined and that the situation will be taken seriously. In this circumstance I would imagine that the teacher has corrected the student on many occasions. In my opinion as a teacher, I wouldn’t have went to the year head in the first place about the issue. I would make it clear that the student was going to get points for continuous disruption to class and then email the year head and tell him/her that the student got points for their behaviour. However, in this case the teacher seems fed up with the student in the matter that they went to the principal, I would assure the teacher, as principal, that the student will be brought to me and dealt with?

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