One thought on “Student Voice”

  1. On a local level, in class I ask students for their feedback and opinions on a range of things such as: methodologies used to teach a topic; the choice of topic; what helped them to understand/learn the topic; what worked well; what would they change etc. I also let them know that I value their opinions as I will be taking their ideas on board and applying them when teaching similar content with the next class. This enables very positive engagement from the students because during their classes I would have informed them of things that worked well and things that did not work well with previous classes. I would also let them know what I did about the things that did not work well and how I tailored the outcome to their classes. This in turn reassures them that their voice will be heard. I also reflect on this at Department meetings with colleagues, ask for their input, and we have agreed that gathering ‘student voice’ is imperative to effective teaching and we also include it in our subject plan. We all agree that there is scope for this to be rolled out across all departments in a uniformed way which would result in a whole-school approach to gathering ‘student voice.’

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