One thought on “Your Comments on Sample Answer 1, Q 5.6”

  1. Looking at the question, I think the applicant got somewhat side-tracked with procedures and did not always deal with the core elements of the question, which were dealing with one’s own and others’ emotions. It is very obvious that this person wants to please students and teachers alike and takes them into consideration when decision-making. This is admirable and a quality that has to be valued in leaders. Trying to get staff and students onside by attempting to make the exams less stressful and long for all concerned;making the timetable accessible; and being available if issues arose, were all positive actions and took well-being and emotional health into consideration. It also shows great emphasis was placed on caring for others and on planning. However, on reflection, s/he also stated that it is a very difficult task to please everybody all the time. This shows self-awareness that leaders must sometimes makes difficult decisions, even if they are not popular with all. Feedback was received from colleagues, which show a willingness to consult and listen to others and shows emotional intelligence and awareness. S/he also suggests that they have learned from the process, which will inform their practice next year.
    The handling of the situation with the unhappy teacher seems respectful and it is clear that this person would try to and wants to take the teacher’s comments on board in future planning. It demonstrates an ability to handle a possible stressful situation calmly and a tendency towards democratic style of leadership.
    Unfortunately the overall response is let down by the many typing errors and structure. So much positive content and action is evident but it needs to be presented much more coherently and aligned to the question more. This person seems to be fair, organised and willing to collaborate and take others into consideration. I would award this applicant 17/25 , deducting marks for the errors and need to refer more to the initial question.

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