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2nd&3rd Year Student Revision – All the material you’ll ever need to answer a question on a Renaissance Artist!


Did you think from the title that it would be that straightforward?  You know me better than that, gentlemen – but it will be easier than you think and far better for analysis and recollection, I promise!  Ask yourself the following questions, and place a sentence answer/statement into your copy/sheet.  You came here possibly expecting answers, notes or tips –  but you’ve found something much more useful – the right questions.

1.What is my chosen Artist’s name?

2.Do I know when or where they were born?

3.What was their family background before their relevance to history? (2 statements will suffice)

4.How did they become interested in their chosen pursuit?

5.What was their chief medium(s)/material for exploring and showcasing their craft?

6.How many of their works can you name? 

7.Describe what you know in detail of TWO of their works.

8.Did they have political influence?  If so, how?

9.Were they well traveled? Why do you think that?

10.Do you think that they were influenced by someone else?  Do you think that they became an influence on another artist?  Give one reason.

11. Were they wealthy from their work?  How would we determine that?

12. What do we know of their later years?  When and where did they die?

13. Do you believe that this artist deserves their reputation and impact on the history you have studied? Why?


That’s it, guys!  Check out your sentences and statements-what does it look like?  To me, it should resemble a very thought out and provocative person in history question (4 in the Exam Papers) without the context of the question.  You can surely add some relevant questions of your own to boot.  If you deliver half of this in an exam, you should have the bones of a full sixteen marks for cumulative assessment (CM); now all you need is the context of the Renaissance that the question will provide for you Overall Mark (OM)..I wonder how we’d start that…

As always, drop the finished work up to me at your leisure and I’d be glad to give you some feedback,